Couch / Sofa Disassembly

New York Couch Doctor in the NY Times

‘When the Couch Has an Attitude’

Couch, Sofa, What’s in a name?

Couch, Sofa, Divan, Chesterfield, Sectional… what’s in a name?

Names don’t matter to us at the New York Couch Doctor –  we take apart any furniture and make it fit through tough spaces.

But sometimes while disassembling a couch or taking apart a sofa, we pause mid-surgery to think about what’s in a name.

I think of it this way… if you can fit the whole family on it, it’s a sofa or a chesterfield, but if it’s just for couples, it’s a couch. However, as those of you in the New York City and other Metropolitan Areas with narrow, 27inch door frames and 29″ doorways know, it can be impossible to fit a couch or a sofa through many tricky New York City stairways and walkups with crazy narrow hallway angles.

Brownstones are a big cause of couch emergencies with their spiral staircases, narrow staircase and narrow hallways. Brooklyn, Hoboken, Park Slope, Carol Gardens, Jersey City, Weehawken, Prospect Park, Harlem and many other neighborhoods are homes to brownstone buildings and apartments that make moving couches and sofas quite difficult, even from room to room, within one’s own home. The New York Couch Doctor has a solution to your couch and sofa moving dilemma – we can make your furniture fit. Do not hesitate to call us with furniture emergencies at 516 328-8234 – 24 hours.


A Notable Surgery on a Massive City Couch

You watch movies like “Scarface” and wish you could own that furniture, but it would never fit through your apartment door. Well, YOU THOUGHT WRONG! The couch WILL FIT if you call in a couch surgeon. Just look at the happy patient all ready to go for the Super Bowl, the Oscars, movie night, or some other unnamed decadence.

Sofa won’t fit through apartment door

Sofa won’t fit through apartment door! How many times has this happened to you that you are literally in a Friend’s or Douglas Adams Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency situation, where your couch or sofa is stuck in the stairway. How did it get there in the first place? The New York Couch Doctor has a solution to this humorous situation that is not so humorous with your neighbors blocked from the stairwell!


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