Sofa Disassembly

Sofa Won’t Fit?

We can take your large, overstuffed sofa apart AND transport it anywhere in the tri state area and reassemble it at the new location all in the same day! – Get a Quick Estimate

Sofa,  Couch, Overstuffed Chair, Large Table, Dining Set, Pool Table, Armoire, etc. won’t fit through ::

  • Doorways
  • Interior Doorways
  • Windows
  • Stairs and Stairways
  • Narrow Hallway
  • Small / Short Elevator
  • Narrow Elevator
  • Walk up Apartment

The New York Couch Doctor &  Sofa Doctor Specializes in:




Skilled craftsmanship in putting it back together, better than new!

About Your Sofa and Couch

Sofas and couches are usually made of wood and then covered with fabric after partial assembly is completed. The assembled sofa extremely large and heavy and require minimally two very strong workers to move. Although you might think using equipment such as a hand truck will make it easier, wait till you try and move the sofa through a narrow opening doorway! You have to try and align the sofa with “precision” and to the “perfect position” to get it through and usually damage occurs!

The parts are awkward in size and shape and in many cases, can be very difficult to handle even disassembled, to get into the common locations people want their sofa or couch to be in such as in a finished basement.

Moving large sofas and couches in and out of New York City apartments and homes can be very difficult when the elevators are way too small.

Even more often, the staircases are very small and narrow or have obstructing overhangs along with tight turns, delicate antique ceiling lights and chandeliers that cannot be easily removed. Making a maneuver is extremely difficult without causing damage to the home interior or the sofa you want to move.

The risk is always there. We handle this type of furniture on a daily basis and can anticipate the possibilities. Experience provides us with many techniques we have used to take preventive measures. In cases where there is no other choice, our experts in finish restoration can restore the original look and appearance! That includes the re stitching to repair tears old and new, reweaving or re finishing of the exposed finished wood parts of some antique sofas. Nothing but quality finish and fabric and processes are used.

Yes, you can call us for repair your expensive sofa or couch even if you don’t need a move.

Furniture Repair – Reupholster, Fix Scratches and Loose Legs

Moving Oversize Furniture? Call the New York Couch Doctor to make furniture fit in tight spaces. Own furniture that will not fit? Are you trying to sell used furniture you love because you can’t get it into your new home? Don’t want to sell it in the want ads or Craig’s list, you want to keep it?

Let us help you!

We can solve your problem!

  • Moving or relocating?
  • Selling used oversized furniture?
  • Buying new large or bulky home furnishings?

Buying furniture that will not fit:

  • Doorways?
  • Elevators?
  • Windows?
  • Stairs and stairways?

All types of Furniture:

  • Sofa – Couch
  • Dressers – cabinets
  • China closets
  • Large arm chairs
  • Dining room tables
  • Dinner sets

* If it’s not listed, call us! We probably can still do it!

Let us help you with solutions proven to work!

  • Skillfully take apart your furniture
  • Carefully wrap each piece for shipping
  • We can move a pool table
  • Any type of furniture that is large
  • A wall unit or sofa that is too large
  • Anything too tall or too wide
  • Things that are to heavy as one piece


Don’t hesitate to call us! We know that if you seek our type of service, the furniture you want moved is a prized possession and you have many concerns as to how it will be handled!

Tell us your fears, your past bad experiences. We’ll provide you with all the facts you need to know on how we work hard to avoid the repeat of your prior moving nightmares!

Furniture services:

After we take apart your furniture and put it back together, many clients have asked us to repair things that have bothered them for years! Scratches, gouges and dents can be touched up or refinished. We can touch up almost any wood or other surface. Fabric tears, runs and damaged or worn padding can be reupholstered, stitched. Chipped, cracked or broken glass, mirrors and table tops. Mirrors that need re-plating. Not only will we make your difficult move with ease, but you end up with improvements you never had time to take care of!


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