New York Couch Doctor - Couch Disassembly, Sofa Disassembly & Furniture Repair. The NY Couch Doctor specializes in disassembling and reassembling couches, sofas and other furniture to get into tight place. Furniture often will not fit in small elevators, through narrow doors, stairwells, spiral staircases, etc.

New York Couch Doctor

Couch & Sofa Disassembly

Couch or Sofa Won’t Fit?

We can take apart your couch or sofa, transport it anywhere in the Tri State area and reassemble it at the new location all in the same day  !  – Get a Quick Estimate

Call us 24 hours: (516) 328-8234 

Heather McMahan recommends the New York Couch Doctor at 3:00

Couch, Sofa, Table, Dining Set, Pool Table, Armoire, etc. won’t fit through:

  • Doorways
  • Interior Doorways
  • Windows
  • Stairs and Stairways
  • Narrow Hallway
  • Small / Short Elevator
  • Narrow Elevator
  • Walk up Apartment

The New York Couch Doctor Specializes in:




Skilled craftsmanship in putting it back together, better than new!

Furniture Repair – Reupholster, Fix Scratches and Loose Legs

How to Move Oversized Furniture?

Need help Moving Oversize Furniture? Call the New York Couch Doctor to make furniture fit in tight spaces. Own furniture that will not fit? Are you trying to sell used furniture you love because you can’t get it into your new home? Don’t want to sell it in the want ads or Craig’s list, you want to keep it?

Let us help you!

We can solve your furniture problems!

  • Moving or relocating?
  • Selling used oversized furniture?
  • Buying new large or bulky home furnishings?

Buying furniture that will not fit:

  • Doorways?
  • Elevators?
  • Windows?
  • Stairs and stairways?

All types of Furniture:

* If it’s not listed, call us! We probably can still do it!

Let us help you with solutions proven to work!

  • Skillfully take apart your furniture
  • Carefully wrap each piece for transportation or shipping
  • We can move a pool table
  • Any type of furniture that is large
  • A wall unit or sofa that is too large
  • Anything too tall or too wide
  • Things that are to heavy as one piece


Don’t hesitate to call us! We know that if you seek our type of service, the furniture you want moved is a prized possession and you have many concerns as to how it will be handled!

Tell us your fears, your past bad experiences. We’ll provide you with all the facts you need to know on how we work hard to avoid the repeat of your prior moving nightmares!

Furniture Touch Up Services:

In addition to couch, sofa and furniture disassembly, many clients ask us to repair other pieces of damaged furniture. Scratches, gouges and dents can be touched up or refinished. We can perform skillful touch ups on many wood or synthetic surfaces. Torn fabric, runs, damaged or worn padding can be reupholstered and stitched to look good as new. We can re-plate mirrors, fix chipped, cracked or broken glass, mirrors and table tops.

This is the Official New York Couch Doctor Website.

Please do not be confused by other businesses imitating our trade name.


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