Armoire &
Overstuffed Chairs

Moving an armoire?
Or an overstuffed chair?

An armoire is an elegant and standalone element of the bedroom with drawers, shelves, and in some models, hanging space. Apart from the bed, it is a major component of the bedroom that offers storage. It not only serves the functional purpose of storing items, but it is also an ideal decorative piece. It is the second focal point of the room after the bed.

An armoire, as elegant and useful as it may be, is exceedingly heavy as it is generally made from solid wood. The wood makes the armoire immensely difficult to move from one part of the home to another, let alone relocate to a different home.

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How to move an
armoire within your home?

Moving an armoire within your home takes a lot of effort and needs proper planning. As armoires are quite heavy, they need to be moved with care to avoid damage and accidents:

Step 1: Empty the armoire
Step 2: Remove the drawers as they add to the weight
Step 3: Remove any glass elements as they are prone to damage
Step 4: Wrap the armoire in a blanket to avoid damage
Step 5: Slide the armoire to the desired location at home. You can use a slider underneath the armoire or a furniture dolly to make the move easier.

What if the armoire doesn’t fit through the doorway? How can you move it from one room to another? Our skilled workers at New York Couch Doctor are here to help you!

We take apart armoires and overstuffed chairs to fit through doorways, in narrow elevators, narrow or spiral stairways among others and move them where you desire.

How do we move an armoire?

Step 1:

Gather sufficient manpower. At New York Couch Doctor, we have an adequate set of hands to help.

Step 2:

Gather the tools required to move. Moving an armoire needs tools such as a furniture dolly, a furniture slider, duct tape, shrink wrap, furniture padding, and blankets to protect the furniture.

Step 3:

Prepare the furniture for the move by removing its contents, securing the drawers, and removing the glass elements to avoid damage.

Step 4:

Pad and protect the armoire by wrapping the entire armoire with shrink wrap, furniture padding, a blanket and secure it with duct tape.

Step 5:

Move the armoire using a furniture dolly or a furniture slider to wheel it out of the home and load it onto the truck.

Are you ready for the move?

As easy as it may sound, moving an armoire or an overstuffed chair is a difficult task due to its weight. Call us and let us help you move with ease.

If you live in or are moving to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Hoboken, Jersey City, Harlem, and other places with non-standard door frames and elevators, your furniture can fit through your doorway. There are pieces that you would never imagine can fit through the doorway of a brownstone’s basement apartment, but we can make them fit.

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