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Large Tables and
Board Room Tables

A simple table offers a wide variety of uses. There are several different types of tables based on their use. It can be a study table, or a fancy dining table, a boardroom table, or simply an all-purpose table. Tables are mostly made from solid wood that is durable, heavy, and strong.

Moving a table or any furniture from one part of the room to another takes a lot of effort. You must ensure that you do not cause any damage to the furniture while you move. Also, if the furniture is large and heavy, you will need several sets of hands helping you, and you must also make sure that you do not damage other furniture and furnishing inside the home. What is most important is that while moving from one room to another, the table must fit through the doorway. There are a lot of things to keep in mind in a task as simple as moving furniture from one room to another. Now can you imagine moving a large and oversized table from one location to another?

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How to move a large oversized table from one location to another?

A table comes in all shapes and sizes. It also varies in weight depending on the material used in making the table. Moving a table depends on the type of table that has to be moved. There are several conditions that have to be considered while moving.

So, how do we, New York Couch Doctor, move a large and oversized table?

Step 1:

We examine the furniture, its design, its components, and understand its anatomy completely.

Step 2:

We believe that many hands make the work light and easy. Manpower is of utmost importance while moving any heavy furniture. So, we will pull in as many hands as required.

Step 3:

Depending on the type of table, its size, and weight, we will decide whether to disassemble the table or not. In case of a table that has a glass top, the glass will be disassembled.

Step 4:

We secure the table and all its parts to avoid any damage while moving. We make use of padded blankets to wrap the table completely and secure the blanket with duct tape. Packing a glass top is a great challenge that we can tackle with ease. Any glass fixtures will be safely wrapped and marked fragile to ensure extra caution. Bolt, screws, and other hardware parts will be packed safely.

Step 5:

We use a furniture dolly or furniture slider to move the table and load it into a truck.

Step 6:

On reaching the destination, we unload the table and move it into the new location. Unwrap it and reassemble the table as good as new.

We can take apart a large table or oversized board room table, and move it anywhere in the tri-state area and reassemble it at the new location all in the same day!

We provide solutions to moving problems like fitting through doorways, through elevator doors, apartment doors, stairways, spiral stairways, etc.

Our disassembly, reassembly, moving, and repair solutions include:

  • Dismantling the furniture
  • Repair or refinish furniture damaged in moving (wood, metal, fabric, finish, and frame)
  • Moving problems caused by tight fits and hard to fit places
  • The solution to ordered oversized furniture that doesn’t fit when the delivery men get there
  • Call us! Many times we can get there while they wait!
  • Problems with getting up stairways with difficult turns can be solved.
  • Brownstone moving problems are an everyday occurrence for us.
  • Spiral staircases can be maneuvered easily when it is taken apart!

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We can take it apart, move it anywhere in the tri state area and reassemble it at the new location all in the same day!