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Furniture repair is often taken as a cumbersome task, and many people would rather replace furniture than repair it. But did you know that the New York Couch Doctor can provide you the best furniture repair & reupholstery NYC and the tri-state areas have to offer?

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Seamlessly move your furniture!

We will travel to you, in state and out of state!

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What causes furniture damage?

Furniture damage is often caused by:

Age-related wear and tear of the furniture
Bad maintenance that causes early damage
Furniture wrongly moved from one room to another
Improper packing of furniture during relocation
Improper handling of furniture during relocation
Unanticipated and unavoidable accidents

Most customers prefer buying new furniture instead of repairing or considering the reupholstery of the old sofas, couches, armoires, and others. What if you don’t get the couch you are looking for? What if you love your old sofa, and there are several memories attached to it?

The New York Couch Doctor is a family of skilled staff who are extremely talented and experienced in furniture repair, making it as good as new. Our experts can provide you the best service there is in the tri-state area with the following problems:

Bracing saggy couches and sofas damaged due to any possible reason
Fixing torn or stained upholstery that makes everything around look old and damaged
Fixing chipped or scratched tables, wooden chairs, and armoires that cannot be used without repair
Doors and drawers won’t open? We can level that problem out with ease

The New York Couch Doctor has several sets of able hands that can give life to your furniture, we can help you with stained or torn upholstery, a damaged sofa, a chipped or scratched table, armoires with damaged drawers, among others.

Reupholstery Service

Many people misunderstand upholstery to be just the fabric on the sofa or couch. But did you know that there is more? Upholstery includes not only the fabric but also the springs, webbing, and padding that make up the soft covering of a couch, chair, sofa, and other furniture. Upholstery is a process that began in the middle ages and still continues to be in use.

Reupholstery is just the process of applying new upholstery on damaged furniture such as torn cushions of chairs, stained sofas, faded couches, and such. The most crucial aspect of reupholstery is choosing the right fabric for the furniture.

Every customer is different. While one customer wants to have a fresh look, others prefer getting the same fabric as before. At New York Couch Doctor, we value customer choice. Our only target is customer satisfaction through the best possible furniture reupholstery NYC and tri-state residents have available to them.

What can we do for you?

The New York Couch Doctor can provide Furniture Repair & Reupholstery onsite. Has moving gone wrong? Household accidents? Or just normal wear and tear? We can help you make your furniture look as good as new. We have years of experience in couch and sofa disassembly and reassembly, as well as moving large tables and dining rooms sets. Our experience provides unique insight and techniques for making your furniture feel and look as good as new. Searching for the perfect couch or sofa is hard work – why not fix your old friend?

Call the New York Couch Doctor at 516 328-8234 for a quick, free estimate.

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We can take it apart, move it anywhere in the tri state area and reassemble it at the new location all in the same day!