Oversized Bed

Moving an Oversized Bed?

Unlike what many people think, you are most likely going to need professional help in disassembling and reassembling your oversized bed. Regardless of whether you are moving, storing, or remodeling your home. Disassembly of an oversized bed is not a one-man job. It requires ample manpower with a specific skillset. No matter what your purpose is, to disassemble or reassemble your oversized bed, call us, the New York Couch Doctor!

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How to disassemble an oversized bed?

Disassembling an oversized bed may seem like a nuisance to inexperienced hands.

But to our experienced team at New York Couch Doctor, it is an everyday job that is done in a matter of minutes.

There are four simple steps that we follow to disassemble an oversized bed:

Step 1:

Remove all cushions, pillows, linen, bedspreads, and bedding. If the purpose of the disassembly is to move, then these items will be wrapped and packed in a box, sealed, and marked appropriately. A similar step is followed if the purpose is storage.

Step 2:

Remove the mattress and box spring. Mattresses and box springs are heavy, bulky, and difficult to handle and will need more than one set of hands. The mattress is removed and wrapped in plastic to be relocated, or a plastic mattress storage bag is used. Your mattress will be protected by the plastic cover in storage or during relocation. Once the mattress is wrapped and protected, the spring box is removed and similarly is wrapped and packed in a plastic wrap.

Step 3:

The footboard and headboard are unscrewed from the bed frame. If your oversized bed has a headboard that is fancy and decorative, we take the utmost care to ensure that no damage is done in the process. Unscrewing a headboard and footboard vary according to the type of headboard and footboard make and design. Once they are unscrewed, they are carefully wrapped in protective wrapping. The screws and bolts are sealed in a plastic bag and affixed to a part of the framing that is duly packed and protected.

Step 4:

The last step is to take apart the main bed frame. Our team of experts will carefully remove the screws and bolts from the frame and bag them in a plastic bag that is sealed. The hardware bag is then carefully affixed to a piece of the frame using a plastic wrap or tape. The bed frame is nicely packed to ensure that no damage is caused when moved or stored.

If you are planning on disassembling an oversized bed, call us, New York Couch Doctor.
We not only disassemble but also offer relocation and reassembly services.

Tips and tricks from the
New York Couch Doctor!

Some of the tips and tricks that we follow include:

  • List out all the furniture that needs to be disassembled, packed, moved, and assembled, and plan the manpower and equipment needed accordingly.
  • Measure all the furniture that is to be moved, to ensure that all pieces fit.
  • Take pictures of all the furniture that is disassembled and needs reassembly.
  • Mark all the boxes according to the content within.
  • Bag and seal all hardware connected to the furniture and affix them to any parts of the furniture to ensure that no hardware is lost or damaged.

At New York Couch Doctor, we believe that rushing through things will only make things worse. We believe in taking the time to understand your needs and we plan our jobs accordingly. No matter what your purpose is, if you want your oversized bed disassembled, give us a call!

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