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Pool Table Moving
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You can rely on the years of experience The New York Couch Doctor has in taking apart and re-assembling billiards tables of all manufacturers and sizes! Known as one of the best pool table movers NYC and the Tri State area have to offer, we can help make your move easy and enjoyable instead of stressful.

Antique and older “real wood” crafted pool tables:

Often, the pool table you want to move is an antique collector’s item or family heirloom. The utmost concern is that fragile wooden pieces can be chipped, split or cracked in the moving process. From our years of Furniture Surgery, getting furniture to fit into tight spaces, the New York Couch Doctor knows exactly where the problem pieces will occur and how to protect them when moving, and repair split and cracked wood if the unthinkable is unavoidable.

pool table movers nyc

Pool Table Moving & re-felting

Seamlessly move your furniture!

We will travel to you, in state and out of state!

pool table movers nyc

Moving pool tables in and out of New York City apartments and homes can be very difficult when the elevators are too small.

Pool tables are often manufactured with  3 large sheets of slate (stone) and that are covered with felt. In moving, there is additional assembly required to get the felt to lie correctly on the surface. The heavy sheets of slate along, can require minimally two very strong workers. Maybe you were thinking of using dollies or a hand-truck to move the table, but the slightest bump will knock the sheets out of alignment, and moving the table whole can risk damage. Taking apart and putting the slate back together presents a unique alignment challenge that requires an acute understanding of wood furniture. The New York Couch Doctor can move your pool table and then align the slate with “precision” to the “perfect level” that amateur players enjoy and professional players demand!

Are you ready for the move?

Even more often, the staircases are too small and narrow or have obstructing overhangs along with tight turns, delicate antique ceiling lights and chandeliers that cannot be easily removed. Making a maneuver is extremely difficult without causing damage to the home interior or the pool table you want to move.

With moving, the risk is always there, but we are also an onsite repair crew, so there is an extra level of safety. Our experience moving and repairing antique furniture provides us with many techniques to take preventive measures. In the toughest cases where the unthinkable must happen, requiring surgery, our experts in finish restoration can restore your pool table to the original appearance! That includes the re-surfacing or re-felting of the pool table top. We use the best quality pool table fabric and scratch repair processes.

Yes, you can call us for resurfacing a pool table even if you don’t need a move.

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We can take it apart, move it anywhere in the tri state area and reassemble it at the new location all in the same day!